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Oct 09

WORKcare Marion opening October 10th.

The Marion WORKcare location shares a space with SIH Urgent Care.

Mar 20

WORKWell: A More Balanced You Starts Now

The best way to make big changes is by committing to small, realistic goals. When you surround yourself with healthy options, you are more likely to make the daily choices that lead to a whole lifestyle change.

balanced you

Mar 13

Photos from 2018 Workers' Compensation Symposium


Feb 19

Dena Kirk live on WJPF with Attorney Shawn Biery

Administrative Director, Dena Newbury-Kirk and Attorney, Shawn Biery of Keefe, Campbell, Biery & Associates did an interview on Newsradio WJPF about the upcoming Workers' Compensation Symposium.

Feb 09

WORKWell: Stress Management

Long-tern stress can increase inflammation, sleep disturbances, and the risk of chronic disease. A majority of Americans report feeling stress on a daily basis. 


Feb 05

Keeping business local, one relationship at a time

Dena Kirk is the Administrative Director for WORKcare.ready.well. If you are interested in more information about implementing occupational health services, a PPP, on-site services at your facility or would like more information regarding the financial impact, please contact Dena Kirk at


Jan 15

Building Relationships for a Prosperous 2018

Dena Kirk is the administrative director for WORKcare.ready.well. Here is an article she wrote for The Southern Illinoisan regarding constructing successful relationships in the New Year. 

Dec 18

Wellness Tips for Happy Holidays

How would you describe this time of year? Wonderful? Stressful? While we all want it to be wonderful, this season can take a toll on our spirits and our health. Here are 4 quick tips for a healthier, happier holiday season.

Nov 27

Find Happiness in Gratitude

The holidays are a great reminder to reflect and give thanks. But thankfulness shouldn't be reserved for a few days. In fact, research shows that those who regularly practice gratitude are less stressed, more optimistic, and more likely to exercise. Here are 3 simple tips for practicing gratitude. 

Nov 02

WORKwell 5 Fall Fitness Tips

Here are 5 fall fitness tips!



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